Maria Becerra

From youtuber to the most listened Argentine Artist in the history of Spotify

Maria Becerra, the creation of a star in record time

Born in the city of Quilmes, Argentina, Maria Becerra began at the age of 12 uploading videos on Facebook, until in 2015 a parody monologue achieved a million views in a few hours. This prompted her to create a Youtube account and from there her career took off.

In 2019, he decided to take a step further and turn fully to his dream, music. On September 11 of the same year, he releases his first song which currently has 23M views and 3.47M subscriptions.

She has made collaborations with great music artists such as: J Balvin, TINI, Reik, Becky G, etc. As of today Maria Becerra is one of the most listened Argentine Artists on Spotify with more than 18 million monthly listeners.

Foto de Maria Becerra en la grabación de Miénteme con TINI

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